Ruchansky, Beno

Climate technology transfer mechanisms and networks in Latin America and the Caribbean. The renewable energy and energy efficiency experience. - [Lugar de publicación no identificado]: BID, 2021 - 118 páginas. ilustraciones. - IDB Monograph, 912 .

i) A cross-sectional view of development and transfer of CCT in the region. The CCTs and their contribution to sustainability. The state as a generator of an “ideal environment” for the development of CCTs. Country vision. Other cross-cutting themes. ii) Selected studies carried out within the framework of the project. Economic valuation of the energy potential of forest biomass in the North Huetar Region of Costa Rica, which serves as a basis for the formulation of policies that consolidate forest participation within sustainable energy options. Action Plan for the Transition to Sustainable Energy in the Galápagos Islands Archipelago, 2020-2040. Comparative analysis of energy solutions for the Mendoza Andes, replacing the use of liquid fuels for energy supply. Courses of action for the sustainable use of residual biomass from the African Palm and rice (husk) agribusiness in Ecuador for the distributed generation of electrical energy. Low-carbon develompent in the cement industry in Chile. Preparation of inputs that allow the design of a regularization program to connect users to the electricity grid, focused on households in socioeconomically vulnerable situations in Uruguay. Pilot test of household energy labeling in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

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