Green hydrogen. A guide to policy making. - Abu Dhabi: IRENA, 2020 - 51 páginas. ilustraciones.

Green hydrogen: status, drivers and barriers. Different shades of hydrogen. Drivers of the new wave of green hydrogen. Barriers to the uptake of green hydrogen. Policies to support green hydrogen. Pillarsof green hydrogen policy making. Policy pillar 1: National strategies. Policy pillar 2: Establish policy priorities for green hydrogen. 2.3. Policy pillar 3: Guarantee of origin scheme. Policy pillar 4: Governance system and enabling policies. Supporting policies for green hydrogen.

This guide is composed of three chapters. The first focuses on the status and drivers of green hydrogen and the barriers it faces. The second chapter explores the pillars of national policy making to support hydrogen, and the third presents the main policy recommendations in different segments of the green hydrogen value chain.


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