Barbados national energy policy 2019-2030 - Saint Michael: Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, 2019 - 125 páginas. ilustraciones.

1) Introduction. Purpose of the Barbados national energy policy (BNEP) (2019-2030). Overview. Barbados energy sector - brief discussion. Regional energy context and its influece on Barbados. International energy context and its influence on Barbados. Regulatory and legislative context. Barbados energy consumption and demand - summary charts and tables. 2) Preliminary energy mix targets. 3) Vision, goals and overall objectives. 4) Sector specific objetives and measures. Energy supply. Energy efficiency and energy conservation. Electricity sector. Energy and transportation. Energy and the environment. Human resources and institutions. Energy and the cross-cutting sectors - overview and objectives. Trade in goods and servies within the energy sector. Energy access and infrastructure. Energy investment and financing. Implementation, governance and regulatory framework. 5) Policy targets and development on implementation plan. 6) Development of indicators and monitoring system.

Planificación Energética
Sector Energético
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