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110 _aInternational Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
245 _aElectric vehicles.
_bTechnology brief
260 _aAbu Dhabi:
300 _a48 p.
505 _a1) Insights for policy makers. 2) Highlights. 3) Technology status and performance. Light duty electric vehicle sales. Sales of other types of electric vehicles. Costs, markets and consumers. 4) Electric vehiclec and interactions with electricity grids. Electric vehicles and renewable energy deployment. The role of demand-side management. Smart charging. 5) Considering the future: electric vehicle market projections. Projections of batteries and electricity demand. EVs and VRE: Combining for low environmental impact. Material requirements. Achieving future EV targets: Technology and policy aspects.
650 _aVehículos Eléctricos - Tecnología
700 _aFulton, Lewis M.
700 _aSeleem, Amr
700 _aBoshell, Francisco
700 _aSalgado, Alessandra
700 _aSaygin, Deger
856 _uhttp://irena.org/-/media/Files/IRENA/Agency/Publication/2017/IRENA_Electric_Vehicles_2017.pdf
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