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082 _a363.7
100 _aMcKenzie, James, Ed.
245 _aAir pollution's toll on forests and crops
260 _aNew York:
_bYale University,
300 _a376 p.
504 _a02551
505 _aTree and crop injury : a summary of the evidence. New types of forest damages in Central Europe. Concept of forest decline in relation to Western US forests. Forest decline syndromes in the southeastern United States. Decline of red spruce in the high-elevation forests of the Northeastern United States. Assessment of cop losses from air pollutants in the United States. Economic measures of the impacts of air pollution on health and visibility 8. Policies to reduce damages to forests.
650 _aMedio Ambiente
650 _aBosques
650 _aCultivos (Agricultura)
650 _aContaminación
651 _aEstados Unidos
651 _aEuropa
700 _aEl - Ashry. Mohamed T., Ed.
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