Samaniego, Joseluis, Coord.

The economics of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean. Paradoxes and challenges - Santiago: CEPAL, 2014 - 73 p. cuadros.

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Achieving a sustainable style of development is a complex, comprehensive process that calls for major structural changes and for the creation of a targeted public policy package and a new public/private matrix. This conceptual overview is therefore intended to place the analysis of the implications of climate change for Latin America and the Caribbean within the context of the effort to put the region on a sustainable development path. This study contains the following sections : 1) Climate change : concepts and the basic numbers. 2) Adapting to climate change : from the unavoidable to the sustainable. 3) Sustainable development and mitigation strategies in the global economy. 4) The transition to an egalitarian, low-carbon economic growth path : the public / private matrix. 5) Conclusions.

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