Cowell, E.B.

The ecological effects of oil pollution on litoral communities - Londres: Applied Science Publishers, 1971 - 250 p. ilustraciones.


The field studies council's oil pollution reseach unit. The effects of a single oil spillage. Successive spillages. Refinery effluent. Seasonal effects. Effects of cleaning. Oil and Salt - Marsh soil. Growt stimulation following oil pollution. Comparative toxicities of oils, oil fractions, and emulsifiers. The effects of oils on plant physiology. Monitoring the rocky shore. Fiel experiments with oil and emulsifiers. Laboratory experiments with emulsifiers. The biological consequences of emulsifiers cleansing. The comparative toxicities of crude oils. The ecological effects of standed oil. Chronic oil pollution. Investigation on sandy and muddy shores. Predictions and recommendations. Oil pollutiona in perspective.


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