Monroy Estrada, Guillermo

Methodology for the implementation of CSR actions in energy companies with gender equality - Quito: OLADE, CIDA, 2014 - 130 p. ilustraciones.


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The purpose of this document is to provide companies from the electrical and renewable energy sector of the region with a methodology that will allow them to measure their activities regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR). The paper focuses on the social responsibility of companies with a focus on gender and the role they play as promoters of development in the countries of the region. The first section is a review of the main concepts and international benchmarks of corporate social responsibility, gender equality, human rights and sustainable energy development. The second section highlights the main tools, including topics such as indicators, mapping of stakeholders, code of ethics and community investment. The third section describes the main policies that can be considered by companies of the sector, including the gender policy, security policy, human rights policy and community relations policy, and finally a flowchart is presented of what a CSR Plan should include, so that companies can measure their behavior and implement CSR actions.

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