SWH Market assessment regional report - [Quito]: GEF, UNEP, OLADE, [2012] - 147 p. cuadros.


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The UNEP and OLADE committed to work together in the project entitled Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative whose principal objective is to promote and accelerate the commercialization of the thermal solar panels as a renewable and sustainable alternative for water heating. The project seeks to reduce the current use of electricity and fossil fuels for hot water preparation in residential, private service sector and public buildings and, industrial applications. In order to accomplish these objectives, one of the first phases of the project was to gather information regarding the following aspects: climatic conditions of each country, economic, political, institutional, social and financial conditions that promote or discourage the demand of this product, conditions of the demand solar panels market, political actors that encourage the commercialization of solar thermal panels through investigations, projects or other methods. As a result of this information gathering from 24 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, six countries were selected to this project. This report is based on the information gathered from the six countries and it seeks to describe the state of art of these countries and it also seeks to analyze the solar water heating market barriers and the priorities of action of each country as well as the overall gaps of the region and the priorities of action.

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