Carrera, Paola

Saint Lucia energy balances 2010 - 2012 - Quito: OLADE, CELAC, CAF, 2014 - 103 p. tablas.


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i) Country description. General profile. Geography. Climate. Socio - economics characteristics. Energy sector. National level. Regional level (Eastern Caribbean). Legal and policy framework. Electricity. Hydrocarbons. Renewable energy. ii) Structure of energy balance, source and activities definition. General structure of the balance. Sources. Activities. iii) Gathering information process. Data collection process. Questionnaires description. iv) Technical visit. v) Data processing. vi) Energy balance. vii) Greenhouse gas emissions. viii) Economic and energy indicators. ix) Conclusions and recommendations. x) Annex. 1) Forms : agenda for country technical visit, main energy variables, hydrocarbons, electricity, transport sector, industrial sector, commercial sector survey, agricultural sector survey, national variables survey. 2) Completed forms. 3) Energy balance forms by energy and non-energy product. Lis of maps.

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Santa Lucia

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