Labandera, Alejandra

MRV methodology for energy efficiency implementation measures in commercial and public buildings for countries of the Caribbean Region Metodología MRV para la eficiencia energética con medidas de implementación en edificios comerciales y públicos para los países de la Región del Caribe - Quito: OLADE, 2018 - 67 p. grafs., tbls.

1. Glossary of terms. 2. Executive summary. 3. Important definitions. 4. Framework. Measurement. Reporting. Nama linkages. Verification. 7. Stakeholders. 8. Possible barriers. 9. Financial support. 10. Roadmap. 11. Conclusion.

The document offers a proposal of MRV (Measurement-Report-Verification) oriented to the application of efficiency measures for public and commercial buildings in the Caribbean. MRV is a fairly new concept, so it is recommended to adopt a two-stage approach to implement MRV. The first stage includes the domestic activities to be implemented. Then the MRV can be ready for the inclusion of an M & V Protocol and for the inclusion of the MRV in the BUR and NDC. The definition of NAMA is a critical aspect before implementing an MRV because these two concepts are related.

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