Wienges, Sebastian

Guidance note on how to design transformational mitigation projects. A checklist for project developers and managers. - [Lugar de publicación no identificado] GIZ, UNEP DT, 2017 - 13 p.

This Guidance Note aims to help practitioners better understand the concept of transformational change (TC). By providing a checklist of the characteristics of transformational change that should be considered in the design of transformational mitigation projects, the Guidance Note can support the achievement of the following objectives:1) enhance the impact and relevance of projects implementing NDCs. 2) meet the requirements and demands of climate funds, donors and partners. 3) address crosssectoral project goals. And 4) assist in designing mitigation policies and actions (including NAMAs) which initiate and propel long-term transformational processes.

Mitigación - Proyectos de Desarrollo
Cambio Transformacional

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